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GYN-OB Mining
Hello everyone.

Got a little illustration inspired by a Danish female stand-up comedian, so I apologies to you who haven't yet decided to learn Danish. But the story to this illustration:

"So, I often get picked on by some of my male comedians and they ask: "why aren't there any female comedians? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

I'll tell you why; GYN-OB.
The thing is comedians are made to break the awkward silence.  It's almost compulsive. That is why you don't put comedians in the quiet sleeping carages in trains. We just have to shout: "WEENIES!" To break that awkward silence.

GYN-OBs are nothing but awkward silence and something we women are just use to. So, when I went to mine, I am in internal conflict as to address the situation when he came in with a head lamp on.

"Am my  'snootch' and I gonna take offense over your "mining gear?" I say jokingly, being a comedian and all but he answers dead seriously:

"We'll, i tried with a floor lamp and and it just didn't work."
Super-move Gesture Sketch
Just some practice sketches on super-move poses. I especially like the downward shooting "Hadoken" pose in the middle right and the wind swipe. :D 
Fusion battle debut
My entry for this month's "Draw with Jazza's Challenge of the Month" 

The theme was Poke mash-up where we were to combine two out of the original 150 pokemon into a new type. I went with Onix and Mewtwo and made "Granitwo."
I decided very late on in the process to go with an impressionistic painting style in Sketch-up and I'd say it was a good result in the end.
The American vote results have been revealed and it was a disappointment. Trump is, in my eyes, not much different than a little man back in the 30'ties, who had black hair and a funny moustache. Claiming to return the country to its original people, to bring work back to the country. Trump wants to cut ties with countries that are not in the right state, and make connections with other curious, if not questionable choices.
I fear the worst but pray to whatever entities that I hopefully am wrong.

I hope for a quick and contained self-destruction with as few casualties as possible and citizens seeking safety where they can.

I hope someone can shed a brighter light on this situation.


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I do not know if any of you have had a day were you ponder about something. It can be anything from great philosophical problems of the universe's end to why dinning places like Mc Donald's writes "hot" on the coffee cup, when you clearly did not order a frappe. I know the last one has become a lore from a legal dispute, but still....

Eitherways, I would like to post my ponders here on DA and you are more than welcome, of course, to bring your thoughts to the table and we can continue the ponders for another day of thinking.

It should be noted that I do not claim in any way to be an expert on any matter but I merely want to share not only what I know but also what I do not know.

My ponder of today is:


I find it surprising that two teaching from each their end of the scholarly scale can have such different views on the same thing.

There is the humanitarian view of Art uses the colour wheel with the three prime, the concept of warm and cold colours, complimentary colours and the moods of colours.

And then there is the scientific view of Physics that see colour as part of wave lengths with red at the low end and ultra violet as the highest.

What I find really amusing is the fact that Arts says the colour that compliments for example 'blue' is 'orange' placed on the opposite side of the wheel, which also displays the cold colour with its warm counterpart, but if you ask Physics, it will say that the opposite of 'blue' is actually 'red.'

So, my 'blue' M&Ms mug is only blue because whatever makes the light bounce of is sending the blue wave lengths out and the mug is actually 'red.'
And while we are on the subject of colours absorbing certain wave lengths, we know that the colour 'white' is a complete reflection of light and black is where ALL light is absorbed.....

Does that then make all black colours on screens, animal furs and millions of paintings all over the world tiny black holes where no light escapes?

I know science says "that is not possible, let alone logical" but that was the same they said about the laws of gravity and the four elements. 

But what about the affect colours have on our emotions?

Why IS red a warm colour and why does it make you angry, happy or amorous?

does that dthen mean that everone's favourites colour is always on the warm side of the scale or can a psychologist tell your mental state by your choice of colour?

I do not know why, but I have often actually liked the blue colours. They make me feel .... peace at times, while they can also evoke feelings of sadness.

What's your favourite colour?


Beginners commission
I am looking a way to earn from my art skills, but since I am not as established as other, I do not feel I can charge as much as others. I don't have a preference with commission types and I would love to talk it over with you so we get it right.

Send me a note and let's talk about it :)


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